Strategic Consultancy

We offer a broad range of media and communication services. These can each provide different values for your organisation and aims. This is great but we also offer key insights and experience in the methods by which you can plan and deliver your corporate communication. Ask us about how you can inform and educate your audiences: whoever they may be.

Targeted Communication

Who are your audiences? There are a wide range of possible audiences that exist for you to reach. A scatter-gun approach is broad but imprecise. You might consider that your potential stake-holders are made up largely three groups. In each group there can be current and future members:

  • Clients and Customers
  • Investors and Shareholders
  • Employees and Workers

Where you have a specific target or goal in which you would like media content to play a role, we will guide and advise on the best approach. Some content will be suitably broad for all your audiences but there is also something to be gained by aiming your content to a specific set of potential viewers. If you are looking, for example, to win specific clients and contracts then you might have to tailor your content for specific types of people to emphasise particular qualities and benefits of your products and services.

Visionary Ideas Brought to Fulfilment

What is your vision? If you have a vision you want to bring into being then we are here to help. If you need us to work with you on coming up with that vision we can do that too. A collaborative approach is key in how we work. Your ideas and concepts are important to you. If you have a concrete notion of how you’d like them represented in multimedia forms then you may appreciate a lighter touch approach. If you are looking for something “outside the box” then you might want us to generate fuller new ideas and approaches which you have not yet considered. The choice is yours.

In Careful Step With Your Organisational Goals

Where is your organisation going? You want your organisation to be well represented in your on-line presence. If you have a marketing plan or a communication strategy then we will aim to meet the needs of those goals. If you want us to contribute with ideas for a new strategy then we can give our experience and input. We look to ensure that any media project or content we develop for you is part of your organisational goal. There’s no great gain to be made by having an aimless content output. A smaller number of targeted and finely tuned projects can be better than a raft of hastily developed ones.

Timely Completion For Regular Release

When will you release your content? The best approach for releasing your content is to work to a planned pattern. Any release schedule you select should be designed to reach the maximum intended audience possible. You may want to match a media release with specific product launch; or you could want to put out regular content to maintain momentum. Knowing your deadlines beforehand gives plenty of time for planning, production and completion. We will work with you to advance a strategy which is both flexible and time efficient so, whatever your key-date may be, your media content is ready to go.