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 What is Tyne Illustrated News?

OK, we admit it, Tyne Illustrated News isn’t real historical news. The truth is, Tyne Illustrated News is a faux news source from the 1800s. The illustrations are from a variety of period book scans. These are from the British Library’s 19th Century public domain archive. The news stories you read are mostly true.  They are based on a great dealt of fact research.  They do, however, veer from true history. This is so they can support a fictional back-story for the video game: Escape From HMS Adventure.

Who is the Writer?

Ah, that would be telling. The fictional author of Tyne Illustrated News stories is known only as “your faithful correspondent”. He is a Geordie journalist with ideas above his station for sure. His writing style is very long-winded. He takes himself very seriously – far more than he should. We hope you enjoy this fun and silly writing style. He doesn’t know he’s writing the background story for Safina Shrew. He thinks he is reporting on the highs and lows of life on the Tyne in the 1830s.

Where can I read it?

You can read full articles in pages of Tyne Illustrated News as they appear in the game. You will also see them brought to life in the game.  They will form the basis of animated cut-scenes. Look for articles in the game which don’t appear in the intro. You will have to see if you can spot them.

What if I don’t play the game?

Some excerpts from the Tyne Illustrated News “archives” are released now and again on twitter @TyneIllustNews – You can also ask any more questions you have on twitter.