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Add an Extra Dimension to your Videos

Live action video is a fine thing, but it has certain limitations if your content needs something more unusual. For example, instead of investing in colourful props, locations or costumes it can save time and money to use animation. Most videos will be enhanced by some form of animation even if it is corporate identifiers and screen graphics. A blend of video and animation gives a good contrast but you could also choose a specific form of animation in its own right.

2D and 3D Options


You are probably familiar with the types of popular animation. We can offer you simple or complex versions of both 2D and 3D animation. If you have a specific style preference then we can guide and advise on the possibilities within your target budget. If you have existing art or key visuals then we can aim to either match your content ans style or even use that existing content for on-screen motion.

Visualise and Convey your Ideas Rapidly

Animation can allow your message to be represented far quicker than live action. That is, the motion time of animation is essentially different to ‘real-time’. This means that graphics, illustrations, objects and characters can move at any pace you like. Live action can seem comical if it is played too fast but in animation we can rapidly represent the idea on screen. A range of screen-graphics can be shown together or rapid succession which can help emphasise your message in a solid variety of ways.

Animated Presentation Can Increase Value of Existing Assets

In some cases you may have drawings or even 3D models from your production processes. If you have CAD data then it is possible that we can enhance and use that data to produce animations which are not only engaging but based on your own existing IP. This has the advantage of making use of something which has already been funded. If your CAD costs many thousands to develop then the cost of re-using it is far lower. While we are happy to generate your 2D or 3D animated content from scratch, it makes sense to save your budget and make use of existing assets. Some of our clients have found animated presentation of their CAD assets gave new dimensions of value