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Is Video King of On-line Content?

It seems every year someone says that “this is the year for on-line video”. Does that mean it’s only one of these years or does it mean every year you need new on-line video? Actually, the only needs that you and your brand have are the ones which you define. If everyone is doing video then it seems remiss to not have any in your communications strategy…. But it is better to consider what specific type of video you could and should be doing. If you send out the video which you want, communicating the message which you want to: then you will find it offers more value for the money that you invest in it.

Encapsulate your Message with Flair

Nobody enjoys watching bland video. Whatever your message is you want it to be delivered in a manner both engaging and interesting to your audience. This doesn’t mean you need to produce glitzy and flashy content. The context of both your organisation and your audience will guide the format of the project work. Finding a good balance between informative and entertaining is essential. Once you have decided on a theme we can come up with a tone for its “voice”. A suitable tone should make for a good video.

Kill Death By Power-Point

You may have a sales, marketing or training presentation which is regularly pitched in meetings. Almost everyone has experienced “Death By Power-Point” but this doesn’t put a stop to people falling into the habit of delivering it to others. We reckon that a 20 minute presentation could be distilled into a 2-3 minute video. The resulting video should be more interesting, engaging and richer in its delivery of your message. The advantage of saving time is not only about audience comfort: It gives your team more time to have actual conversations with staff, clients and investors. Effectively you clear the way to get to the point of any meeting far quicker.

Tailor Your Content By Audience

Whether your organisation is expanding in sales and marketing, or growing your staff team: you need to inform people about how your products and organisation work. Whoever your audience are,we can develop material for you to connect with them.

  • Clients and Customers
  • Investors and Shareholders
  • Employees and Workers